I purchased a new loom at Melon Wars. I decided to start with something simple. I have had a few hinches, but I am learning from them. This will be a drawstring for a pair of pants as it is very narrow.

I also bought belts and hoods for the kids. I will take pictures of them in their new finery. Alex looked very nice in the gown I refurbished from one of mine. I purchased new cloth for pants for the boys.

I also had the opportunity to speak to a herald about submitting my name and working on a device. I have been Ysmeine de Dunewic for a decade now. It is time to make it official.


We have not gone to an event in nearly two years. Not since we broke down on our way to Lillies War. Finally, at long last, we are going to an event this weekend. While, sorting throuh our garb, I noted that the children have grown and will be in need of new garb. We did find a few things that would work; a few hand me downs for Alexandra. Daniel will need new trews.