9/5/2011 13:36:58


I thought I already mentioned this. While Alex and I were out for a drive, we noticed Elder blossoms. I had been researching these but had not seen any before now. We picked a handful of clusters, leaving plenty for berries. There became Elder Blossom Cordial. I am hoping t will help with my joint pain.


9/5/2011 13:29:48


The elderberries are ripe, there was a narrow window between ripe and gone. I froze some for wine, I need to buy some equipment. I made a syrup with the rest. Some will become jelly. I will be using a green apple for pectin. I just need a day off. I made a Elderberry spritzer to taste the syrup. Some say it resembles blackberries, but it does have a lot of tannins. I would compare it to blackberry tea. I plan to save some for medicinal uses. I could use some now as I am feeling run down which usually makes me sick. It does seem to react to my ever-present heart burn though. As does coffee and spicy or acid food.