A similar gown to what I was found at Castle Garden Creations , something similar to the Lady Katherine gown. Research is still required to create an authentic looking gown.


This is the brocade I mentioned. I am still trying to determine a pattern to use. I think the pattern wants to be a paned or slashed sleeve.


Ah, my first post. If only I can bring to fruition what every blogger desires. To share my thoughts, trials, and triumphs in an entertaining fashion. All this and stay true to my persona. My first topic will cover garb as I recently purchased some salmon colored brocade, and some rust and ivory wool, rust and navy corduroy. A friend mentioned that the brocade resembles hops, so I am considering a German gown for Oktoberfest. Yes, October is all but over, however it is never to early to start for next year. I am still trying to determine what to create out of the others.