New Life for Old Garb - Ysmeine's Hearth
Handing down my old garb is not a new thing. I cut down tunics to fit the boys (1)and when I realized that the party tunic(5&6) I was making was too short, I took it in. Today I had to let it out a bit. As it is getting shorter, it doesn't have much life left in it. I need to  patch a spot where a mouse has chewed on it, but isn't the first time it has been patched.

I have some lesser worn items as they didn't really work for me. I had Alex try on two of them. One is quite roomy,the tan and burgandy Elisabethan(3), but will work and the other fit very well. Unfortunately, I can not seem to find the sleeves to the Italian Renn(4). She does love that one though.

Now what do I do with the braes(2) I have outgrown? Most before they had a chance to be worn.

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