Raid or Trade - Ysmeine's Hearth
We finally made it to an event. It was horribly hot and I felt miserable with no sleep. I did manage some fun shopping; hair sticks to keep it off my neck, fans to try to cool myself, and cold lemonade. There was to be a pot luck dinner and I had brought homemade hummus and fresh heirloom carrots from my garden. We picked up some flat bread to go with it. We also had a lovely roasted vegetable tort. I had made a elder blossom cordial that never made it. It is good for arthritis. Unfortunately due to the heat we did not stay for the pot luck. We did sample on the way home, but the torte kept getting dropped so I only got a taste.

Charles did participate in the boffer street fight. He had a great time and is interested in fighting. I think every Scadian mother secretly hopes to hear that. Sadly, there is no longer a local group so it would involve travel. Something I will have to think on.

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