I have to admit that I have been very concerned about my first brew. I don't think I sparged enough sugar from the grains. I worried that I did not sanitize well enough. The stout started off vigorously and then stopped after two days.

I did a little research, and found that it was fairly common for an inactive airtrap. The yeast may still be doing its job and I should just wait. Today was the moment of discovery. I took another gravity and it turned out to be around 5% ABV. Not as strong as I was hoping, but better than I feared. I primed it with maple syrup and bottled it. It made nine bottles. I had a sip of the small amount left.

I am not a beer drinker, so I was looking forward to the coffee and coconut flavors. I was also worried it would be too week and not be a proper stout. It is still unfinished as it is still slightly sweet from the priming sugars and needs to carbonate and mellow the flavors. What I did find was that the coffee did not disappoint, it is definitely there. Coconut has a more subtle flavor which I did not pick up. That doesn't mean it isn't in there. Mostly I tasted the bitter pungency that I got when I tried Guinness. It definitely has some elements I was hoping for. As my taste buds are as undeveloped, when it comes to beer, as my stout is I will need to get second opinion when it is done. I already have one enthusiastic volunteer.

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