I decided to spend the bulk of mother's day by cleaning the house. Still so much to do. After awhile we built up an appetite and I thought I deserved a little treat, but really didn't want to be seen in public without taking more time to clean myself up. So we decided to go to Sonic. while we were there we started to reminisce about when we used to go to Sonic in Texas, for a special treat. then we started to remember some other fun things we used to do as a family. We decided that lately it seems like all work. We watch videos together when we can agree on something, otherwise we are scattered in different directions. We love our laptops.

While disposing of our refuse in the drive-by trash cans, I remembered I had been planning to clean out the car. I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the drive-thru car wash. Just like when they were kids they were excited to. The kids cleaned out the trash and Charles vaccuumed the car until the time ran out. Then it was time to go through the carwash. I don't think you ever out grow the magic of an automated carwash. Even I was tickled when our car was covered in three different colors of suds. They enjoyed it so much that they even helped clean the inside windows and dash when we get home.

There is something about being trapped in a car together for an hour or so, that encourages communication. Happy Mother's Day.

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