I am still working on the cork board. As I find corks hiding here and there I add them to my board. At one time we had enough for three boards.

I finally made my tree hugger bag. I received a hand towel that was made from recycled materials and had a green slogan on it. I knew it was destined to become a pillow or a tote bag. I do love my tote bags. I  had a tree sampler from a few years ago that I thought would be nice on a journal or bag, so I combined them along with a costume skirt to make my bag.

I received an extra hammock frame so I thought I would do a little destashing and make a hammock to go with it. Unfortuately, the fabric was in storage. I did find an old curtain while searching for the rope. The rope was from an old foot stool. I combined them to make a recycled hammock.

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