At work we have been short staffed on and off since May. One coworker retired suddenly. Then another had to cut back her hours. I cashed in my vacation time and tried to be a supportive team member and do what needed to be done. We hired some part time help just before she took a leave of absence. I wished her well and did what needed to be done. We hired more help and just as the schedule relaxed that person did not work out leaving more holes that need to be filled. Just shy of our full time team member returning. Tonight, I practically begged every qualified person to consider filling in a few of those holes. Some days I feel it is always me that covers. Not that I complain about the money, it comes in handy. I feel that my attitude suffers. Especially when not everyone makes the same sacrifices and they don't even realise it. Will life return to normal in a few weeks or are we going to have another set back?
Finally, we were able to find time to celebrate the holidays. I did pop in crazy girl yarn shop for yarn and baby knit books, while the kids finished their coffee and board game next door. I hope to try out some of the cute bootie designs but wanted to try the granny square slippers scaled down first. Saddly, I could only get down to a toddler size. I might still give them to Becky to hold on to.

We went to Soho sushi bar for dinner. While they sampled sushi, I had the lolliepop lamb chops. It isn't that I am not adventurist, my idea of fine cusiune is different from theirs. The rest of the night was quiet with movies.

Danny's 20th birthday was also this week. We popped over there for cake and dinner. The staff had the day planned out with special olympics, a pot luck, and his one-on-one grocery shopping trip. I was able to convince them to slow down enough so that we could supervise him, while they went to the pot luck.

Alex's 18th is in less than 2 weeks. I want to do something special, she wants shoes. I will have to think on that one.
With all those hours, I let myself get run down. I have the cold that has been running aound, but I keep it in check and keep going. Today, I woke with abdominal cramps and ran to the bathroom. Enough said. So I called in for the first time in three years. There is a certain amount of guilt with calling in. I will need to pick up a 2nd shift tomorrow on my requested day off, I have plans this weekend. I should feel better by then. Until then, it is soup for me and pizza for the kids. I need tind pants to pick it up soon.

the bonus of being overworked has finally kicked in. My last pay check was very sufficient. I paid bills, bought seeds for spring, a few pots, and stocking stuffers for the weekend. I even have money for the weekend; hotel, dinner, and play.
One of my bottles of ginger beer was starting to create pressure in the bottle so we decided to sample it. Ideally I think I would have waited another day. It had a subtle tingle of carbonation on my tongue, but no visible bubbles. It was sweet and spicy with a trace of alcohol flavor. The kids all agreed that it is something we would drink and possibly make again.

It was fairly simple to make, the draw backs are it takes a few days and it is best nt to forget about it. For the first week it is like a pet, you feed it in the morning and put it to bed at night. Washing bottles was my down fall. I ended up using bottled water to dilute then filled the same clean bottles with mixture. I did have to wash six additional bottles.

My sister was turned off by the "plant" partly by my non traditional container, which I had grabbed because it was clean and had a lid. Sorry, Bec.
I like my job, most days I like the people, and the money is fairly sufficient. The biggest problem is I am exhausted, my house is a mess, and there are so many things I want to do. Today was a short day, so I managed to bake the squash for soup and bottled the ginger beer for its second fermentation. In a few days it will be ready to drink. I need to pick up some half and half for the soup.

Every time I bring something artsy or crafty into work my supervisor often wonders why I went into Respiratory Therapy. Short answer is it seemed the responsible thing to do. Starving artists don't have children, do they? I miss being home and I am getting frustrated by stretching myself thin and still not having what I want in life. There is a deep part of my soul that yearns for a house with a yard and a craft room. The children are almost grown and part of me feels like a failure for not accomplishing that. For now I plan to continue with what I can do, my potted garden and my crafts on the side. I have been thinking of opening an etsy shop for some time now. I hope this year I can make a plan of action.