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It still needs a zipper and buttons, then hemmed and maybe a shrug. If I can handle it. My crappy sewing skill are stressing me out.
I have finally been bitten by the bento bug. I have always like the idea and I wanted to start packing meals for work to help me lose weight. After I noticed the bento swap I decided to join and order some bentos. I ordered some small ones for the kids. They are red, yellow, and blue and hold alot of food for their small size. These are for the kids. As fans of anime and manga it is fun for them to try some of the items they have seen in books and movies. I ordered a soup bento and another multipurpose bento for myself. Until I recieve mine I have been having fun making bentos in divided food storage dishes.
Finally, we are getting somewhere. The bodice is complete. although there was some complaining and frustration from both of us. Before the fitting I had considered making a shrug to match. Something similar to a partlet with sleeves. Using an Elisabethan corset as a top has it's challenges. this point, I just need to work on the skirt and then see where it goes. I have simplified it slightly. The artwork will now only decorate the bodice and not the skirt. I also purchase the earrings that match the necklace so we will have to decid which to use.
I have finished the corset portion to the dress, well it still needs eyelets. It is designed after an elisabethan corset. that way she can wear it with her garb.
After sketching out three different options for Alex she chose this one. It will be a teal silk dupiani corset and skirt that are both painted and embroidered with a tree and robin. The underskirt is a copper taffeta with tulle ruffles.

Earrings by
Necklace by

So far, I have drafted the corset and painted the front. I need to embroider it and add cream ribbon flowers to look like cherry blossoms. Then, I need to sew channels in the interlining and lining for the boning before I can sew it together.