Spring is here and we have just started getting a taste for those special treats that come only once a year. Yesterday Becky, the kids, and I gathered wild asperagus. It made a nice treat and I looked to see if I could find just a few more spears today. Charles and I had no luck and the farmer's markets are not open yet, so I was looking for another option. I decided to make a cattail and violet salad. The young shoots that come up in the spring are the best. We gathered some shoots, cleaned and pealed them, and the chopped the tender ends to be added to our salad. I finished the salad with a raspberry vinegar and sugar dressing. 

Some other ideas are morels, nettles, and dandilions. Wulf shares his nettle and bacon quiche on craftser.org.
And julibooli shared her dandilion wine.
Have fun!
Thank you, to my sister Joyce for doing the hair.