I am trying to get the house in order again. I do this periodically, I get overwhelmed and then start shopping for cleaning supplies. What I need to do is clear clutter.

Thankfully i have the kids on board, momentarily. My body is still trying to recover from the lung conference and the sleep deprevation that came with it. Some days it is a nonstop fight to get them to do anything.

Getting Alex to write her scholarship essay was hard enough, but getting it turned in was even more of a challenge. I told her it needed to get signed no later than today. I even reminded her to take it this morning. When I got up it was still here. I dropped it off at school and called her to the office. We were told that she had to pick it up so we could mail it as it was too late for them to. She came home without it and had to go back for it. It did get mailed Priority and should get there tomorrow, two days before the deadline. We are still waiting to hear back from financial aid too.

On a good note, Mom's appt in Iowa City went well. They did not find anything in her lymph nodes. I believe she still needs surgery for her thyroid. She and Fred also have a new puppy. She is the cutest yellow lab, so sweet and soft.

We had Easter Dinner at Mom's house. Becky is getting big, and tried to get Baby Cruz to move for us. It is getting closer and I found one more thing for the baby. I need to finish the afgan I started as well. Hopefully, before he is born.
I have part of the garden planted and picked up a garden blanket incase we have a cold night. I need to get the rest of it in. I get so excited about the tastey treats and the beauty a garden brings. I am always tempted to buy more. I am short on space and money so I try to control myself.

I have alot of work related expences coming up. I have an excess of CEU's I need to get. With the challenge that the respiratory board limits the amount of online courses but finding seminars can be both a challenge and expensive. I also need to decide if I am going to try to take my RRT exams. f I pass I get a free pass on my CEU's. However it is expensive and if I fail I will need that money to get them. Also Alex is graduating soon and I have a party to plan. My has had some non-news, more testing. Her medical bills are starting to build so she is feeling the crunch as well.

I am taking a few things into concideration to save on money. Most of these things are also environmentally friendly.  They often require more work as well. I am also considering raising small livestock. While we are discussing it, I made the kids watch a humane killing of a rabbit without the butchering. I watched the full video. We need to understand what it entails before we even concider our options. I am not convinced this would be a viable option for us.