Sometimes when I tell stories about my life it surprises people. It almost sounds like made up stories. Can someone really have that many stories, that many trials? I tell them so calmly and detached, sometimes laughing like it is a joke. Truth is I try not to let it affect me. You have to let it roll like water off a ducks back. That doesn't mean it leaves you unchanged.

I like to think about what I am thankful for. The one thing I have always prayed for is that my children always know that I love them and for them to be happy. Their lives have not always been easy, but they have grown up without dealing with the depression I had growing up. Part of me thought it was normal and I was stunned when I realized it had passed them by. I'm not saying they were always happy or that they didn't struggle with making friends too. I am thankful that they have been healthy physically and mentally. I have reason to rejoice.

Still there are parts of me that struggle with the abuse and poverty that are no longer part of my life. I have a hard time trusting people, I get so uncomfortable around people that it makes me jumpy at work. I would love not to jump out of my skin every time I see a shadow or someone knocks at my office door. I have become somewhat of a caricature. Then there are my hoarding tendencies. I don't need to tell you where that comes from.
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We had Easter at Becky's this year. I set up the garden bed for Ruben, the kids had an Easter Egg Hunt, we had lots of food, baby snuggles and the grown-ups had a hunt all our own. We found a nice collection of Morels.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to try to make wired baskets. The first one was canoe shaped. It will be nice to harvest vegetables from the garden or just for display. The second one would be good for collecting mushrooms, a nice gift basket, or just decor.
This week I notice my asparagus is  sending up flag. They are still too this for consumption so i decided to take a drive and look for wild asparagus. We found one spear. Not much for a meal. I remembered that MooRoo was getting some spring greens in and I had some money in my account so I headed over there. I bought a package of romane and a bag of mustard greens. The salad was eaten that night with chicken and noodle casserole with asparagus confetti. Last night we had buffalo burgers with the mustard greens wilted in the same pan, we served them up on a bed of mashed potatoes. It was very tasty. Charles who hates mustard greens from a tin even said they tasted good, although a little chewy. Next time I will add a little water and butter while cooking.