We are just days away from Danny graduating and moving out. Although I have been steadily working on getting everything organized, there is so much that needs done. Starting with Danny's SSI and finishing with his packing. I have attempted to sort out the SSI both in person and over the phone. I will have to keep at it. I have managed to get everything he might possibly need when he moves, even if that leaves the rest of us lacking. He will be taking both the bed and dresser that he shared with his brother. Unfortunately some of that preparation has used some of Danny's money for clothes, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Saddly, as I did not inform his teacher of my plans, she has become concerned with his "missing money." I have appreciated that his teacher has developed a close relationship with Danny, but frequently frustrated by the over involvement.

I think it is time for me to let go of those feelings and move on. Just as we will be doing as a family. Danny will be moving out and we as a family we will all have to adjust.
My family likes to go to movies all together. My sister knows I hate this. I guess I have complained enough. Why would I hate to spend quality time with my family? First, my sisters are always late. Either they can’t seem to get out the door or they have plenty of time so they go shopping first. I am always early so I am the one stuck waiting, until my mother gets there. She has learned to get there just on time as she hates to wait alone too. So now it is my mother, my children and myself waiting. My mother buys her popcorn and I send her in to find seats with my kids while I am waiting, not very patiently for my sisters. Of course I am on my cell trying to get a ETA. Finally one sister arrives then the other. So we go find my mother who is saving seats for our group of 12. We settle in as the movie is starting or started as it may be. I sit back and try to take in the show. Then my sister pulls out her bags of candy that she smuggled in and starts passing that around, then the other sister is back from concessions with popcorn and drinks for all the kids and it needs passed around. Yes the movie has started and yes it is distracting and saddly yes this will happen over and over through the movie. Around this time my nephew is starting to get restless. He is four now, but he has always gone to the movies with us. Oddly, it is usually my daughter and I who try to keep him from wandering around a wacking his sibblings and cousins in the head. So I am sitting there with a child in my lap and a sucker dangerously waving in my face, until he wants my daughter again. Don’t even ask about the restroom breaks after all that soda. The movie ends and my stomache hurts from too much candy and junk, and the stress from this quality time with my family.
I decided to spend the bulk of mother's day by cleaning the house. Still so much to do. After awhile we built up an appetite and I thought I deserved a little treat, but really didn't want to be seen in public without taking more time to clean myself up. So we decided to go to Sonic. while we were there we started to reminisce about when we used to go to Sonic in Texas, for a special treat. then we started to remember some other fun things we used to do as a family. We decided that lately it seems like all work. We watch videos together when we can agree on something, otherwise we are scattered in different directions. We love our laptops.

While disposing of our refuse in the drive-by trash cans, I remembered I had been planning to clean out the car. I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the drive-thru car wash. Just like when they were kids they were excited to. The kids cleaned out the trash and Charles vaccuumed the car until the time ran out. Then it was time to go through the carwash. I don't think you ever out grow the magic of an automated carwash. Even I was tickled when our car was covered in three different colors of suds. They enjoyed it so much that they even helped clean the inside windows and dash when we get home.

There is something about being trapped in a car together for an hour or so, that encourages communication. Happy Mother's Day.
Time is running out in the Fowler home. In just over two weeks Danny will be graduating from high school and moving out. I have mixed feelings about this. I worry about him, but I know that keeping him here dependant on me is not good for him. He will have supervision and guidance. I have a feeling it may stretch me a little thin; running a house and then making sure he has everything he needs. There are days when one more thing gets broken and I throw my hands in the air and say, "it wont be long." They say that girls are difficult. My boys have never been easy, but they have been fun to have around. Most of the time.
I just realised that the bottom bunk was broken and yes that was one of those days. Now I am short a bed. I can't send Danny off without a bed, so he will have the good bed, at least until something is worked out. Charles says that he will take the hammock and seems excited about that. In some places, people really do use them as beds so it isn't that odd. It just makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. Of course the first few weeks of his life he slept in a stroller.

I have made mistakes with them. Most would say that I am not consistent with disapline, which is true.Also, I know I yell sometimes when I shouldn't. I do love them all and want to see them succeed in life. Sometimes as a parent you are not sure that you are making the right descissions.
I have been spending alot of my time and money trying to create an outdoor oasis. Perhaps too much time and money. The inside needs some serious work. I did make a few improvements. I removed the heavy, dark curtains and hung up new blinds. Granted one of the blinds have been snapped in two, already. It is currently nailed in place until I can replace it again. I also filled in the holes in the wall in the laundry room, again. There are other walls that need patched as well. I have reduced some clutter by donating to the church yard sale. It barely made a dent. Unfortunately, some things are going to have to be hauled to the dump.

Honestly, who wants to deal with that when you can recline on the hammock outside and enjoy the brease. I have managed to declutter my patio, plant my garden edgings, and potted several palms. I hung my candle chandelier, which was cluttering my closet and put the bird bath in use as a side table.

One of my favorite improvements is my new grill/smoker. Now I can spend more time out here. This was definitely worth spending my vacation money on. As I hope to enjoy it for years to come. Now if I can just get the inside done.
I am still working on the cork board. As I find corks hiding here and there I add them to my board. At one time we had enough for three boards.

I finally made my tree hugger bag. I received a hand towel that was made from recycled materials and had a green slogan on it. I knew it was destined to become a pillow or a tote bag. I do love my tote bags. I  had a tree sampler from a few years ago that I thought would be nice on a journal or bag, so I combined them along with a costume skirt to make my bag.

I received an extra hammock frame so I thought I would do a little destashing and make a hammock to go with it. Unfortuately, the fabric was in storage. I did find an old curtain while searching for the rope. The rope was from an old foot stool. I combined them to make a recycled hammock.
Earth Day was April 22. I tried to think about how I could celebrate it. I decided to make the suggested craft on craftser.org. They had showcased a wine cork board. I have been wanting to make one for ages, more as an art piece than anything. My son collects them and would not let me. So, I had given him a gallon jar to display them. Unfortunately, they broke the jar and scattered the corks to the four corners of our universe. That put them in fair game, I proceded to Goodwill for a frame to glue them into. While I was there I found a simple summer top and ink pens with the kids names. 

 We also made a quiche using the eggs from my sister's chickens, cheese from a local dairy, either spring or organic vegetables, and of course some bacon. I washed it down with some wine from a local winery.

Although, I often fail when it comes to living green I do try to add simple eco-friendly products and activities when possible.