We have had strong winds that have tossed my hammock several times. I had to take everything in, we had a tornado watch. Normally that is the most thought we put into it, until it changes to a warning.  Of course we hate those at work because we have to pull patients and even a few beds into the hallway. Then search down extension cords for vetilators and O2 tanks. Then reverse everything when they give the all clear. Mostly this is preventive. Don't get me wrong we've seen the destruction from some serious storms, but the majority down a few trees and that is about it. Phyllis, my ex-mother-in-law, is not so cavelier. In the past she has been resistant to visiting during peak tornado season. Unfortunately, with graduation you can't be picky. Needless to say, she mentioned tornadoes several times during dinner. Thankfully, the weather cooperated
I have been taking pictures of the garden over the last few weeks. I have been too busy to post them. Here is a high light of my new asperigus bed. It is planted in a recycled box and probably needs more room for a long term solution. The fern-like fronds have filled out and have developed these tiny yellow, creamy bell shaped flowers.
My garden is in a mixture of traditional and recycled containers. It is always evolving, this year the arbor is at the end of the raised bed. I am hoping to grow pole beans up it. I have had to restart seeds a couple times due to frost and I am still having issues with a couple.
Today is Alex's graduation. We woke up early for church and the seniors were each presented with a bible.  Sara's mom was very emotinal. I cry at movies and songs, but not during milestones. I never cried when they started school. I guess knowing my "baby" is growing up, I think of the next stage to enjoy. I don't feel as if I am losing anything.
Last night we went to Becky's house. I wanted to drop off some casle blocks off for Ruben.  We stayed to visit for a little while and Becky dropped a little bomb on me. She will be getting married this weekend and not only is she not inviting everyone, but it is sort of a secret. I am not exactly happy about this. I sort of understand, it is her wedding and she can have it any way she likes. I am hurt that what she wants is to purposely exclude people that care about her.

We also went for a walk in the back yard to hunt for morels. Ruben was very good at finding them. I have a decent sized snack waiting to be breaded and fried.

Today, I found more mushrooms. This time enoki from the kit I had planted in my garden. I was trying to compost it. I am waiting for a spore print to possitively identify it. It was growing from the kit though.
Alex's graduation party went well. She had a handful of friends come and my family was there. Becky didn't arrive until 2 hrs late. Ruben was jealous of her boyfriend. I did not get signs made. The weather was perfect, the food was good, and the view was lovely. So all in all it went well.
I have been pushing Alex to be more responsible for herself. Actually, I have been stressing the notion of driving her back and forth to college making appts for her and still carrying the full financial burden of everything. I guess I have felt overwhelmed.

On the otherhand I still want her to be my sweet baby girl. I want the maturity there but not the mistakes and time it takes to get there. 

Yesterday Alex registered for classes.  Yea, big grown up event. While they spirited the kids away for scheduling, up parents were given a talk about not being helicopter parents. I never hovered in high school, but I really wanted to be there to make sure it didn't conflict with my schedule. There was no way around it. She has to go five days a week. I really was not looking to driving her back and forth each day. First, that is normally when I am sleeping. second, that is alot of gas money.

I then had a little brainstorm and decided that she was going to take her learners permit test again. After all I was up during business hours and we were in the area. She wasn't so sure, she hadn't studied in awhile. I insisted we give it a try. She passed!

Now, I never thought I would be one of those white knuckled, pannicked parents you see on TV. The problem was that I had taught myself to drive. I didn't know what it was like to receive instruction and I did not know how to give it. Thankfully, we did not die. I'm pretty sure it was a close call though. I made my sister give her a few instructions. The sister who pannicks when ever someone else is driving. They both did very well. Next I will get the other sister to take her out and maybe my mother as well. I will continue to try myself, but hopefully they wil give her a foundation to start. I don't want her to start the trial and error way that I learned from.