It took so long to dry all the mint, 2 gal. of dry mint, that I put off doing something with the rhubarb that I had brought home from Mom's. Everyday I looked at it in the fridge and promised it, "soon, I will deal with you soon."
Today I came across a post here. Where she made Rhubarb fizz. I already have some wine working and did not want to start another fermentation.
I decided to make a cordial syrup instead. I can use it with water, carbonated water, or mixed drinks. I decided to make a tart with the leftover pulp. Normally I candy the pieces, but the skinny stalks seemed to reduce to pulp. Mmm, pie.

When I went to pick up Ruben, I decided to grab the mint from my mom's. She has been trying to get rid of it for awhile. I'm drying it for tea. I also decided to pick some rubarb and when I went to the back I found the hanging pot I had given her two years ago. The flowers were long dead, but it was full of moss. I decided to take it, at first I  thought about making a terrerium, but then chose to make a fairy garden.

It isn't finished yet. I plan add a chair and maybe scrolls to the gazebo. I placed asparagus fern in the back for a hedge and ivy in the front drooping over the sides.