It feels like the growing season is over. The peas seem to wilt before they can do much. They give one pea per plant the shrivel up. I almost pulled up my acorn squash and I am glad I waited. I have one squash and another hinting that it might make a go of it. My watermelon produced two fruits. The first never grew any larger than a grapefruit, but was showing all the signs that it was ripening. The other one is larger, not by alot, but it looks like it needs more time on the vine. Sounds good to me. Perhaps it will grow more. I cut the small one in two, tasted a tiny sliver and gave the halves to my kids. Charles ate his right away and agreed that it was tasty. Alex saved her's for lunch, natures fruit cup. As the last planned packed lunch of the year it was rather special. They did enjoy packing fresh produce in their lunches. Charles want to take one of my bell pepper tommorrow along with a hot lunch. I think he wants to trade it though. I have a couple hot peppers and some small bell peppers that I plan to make into salsa. As soon as I have enough ripe tomatoes. I think I will use the grill to char the skins. It needs one more go before the season is over.
Eat local fresh produce when posible.
Pray to be honest with myself and others.
Love my family the best  that I can.

At work they were giving away zucchini and since my plant had finished I grabbed some. Theirs was a little larger than I let mine get, but I wanted to make the most of it. We did eat some raw slices dipped in dressing, but today I was hungry for something a little more hardy. I looked up some recipes and found a lasagne that uses zucchini instead of noodles, they even suggested a chicken lasagne using cream of mushroom soup. That sounded hardy enough, but i didn't have meat so I decided to try a vegetarian version. They kids could not find my regular baking pan, so we used two round pans and since we were using two pans I made one in each style. It was as simple as placing sliced zucchini on in a single layer on the pan, puring over the sauce/soup, and sprinkling with parmesean cheese. I used a single layer to keep it from getting watery and I baked them at 350 until the cheese was starting to brown.  Both styles were wonderful, but we preferrred the tomato sauce.

The summer started with chaos. Right before Danny's graduation we lost a coworker to health issues. I worked extra hours all through the summer, traded in my vacation, and was stretched thin. With Danny out of the house I have to make more of an effort to see him. The kids have run wild, the house is out of control, my garden was neglected, and I am exhasted.

We are still struggling with staffing. We had hoped to be fully staffed by now. It seems the struggle will continue into the fall. I'm also a little irked that the person who insisted on keeping her vacation, no actually two vacations during the summer, is getting another vacation. Of course it was gained by cohersion. Her boyfriend went to the director to complain and it is easier to just give in. Granted, my coworker did not approve of this tactic. Still, she excuses his controling behavior as he is half Italian, almost as if it is romantic. Fact is he behave badly, there is no excuse for that. I dated a gentleman from Italy, very briefly. He was not controling or stubborn, he was very kind and sweet. I still have the clay frog he gave me with a bouquet of flowers. The reason I stopped dating him was because he like clubs and dancing and I have more quiet tastes. It is rather offensive to suggest that it is okay to be rude and ill mannered if you are Italian.

Granted, he was planning this getaway to propose to her. Do you need ten days to propose? Do you need to start out your lives together by throwing a tantrum and making everyone elses live uncomfortable? My supervisor will be working eleven days straight. Luckily, I will have a couple days off during that time. We have a couple prn's with other jobs that will be helping out, what little they can. Otherwise all three of us would be working eleven days straight.

This is your new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar.I have had a few problems with pests in my garden. The kale and brussel sprouts were attacked by white cabage moths. I have a solitary brussel sprout plant trying to survive with leaves laced with holes. I seems to be over the attack. I had pulled all the kale that was near it, along with a fat green catapillar. I decided to plant more peas there as the few I had planted were crowded out by the tomatoes.
Then I discovered my squash was infested by vine boring moth.  I was unfortunate to not recognise it early enough. My buttercup was the first to succumb, before it could bear any fruit. Today I had to pull up my zuccini. At least I was fortunate to gain a handful of zuccini, before it was too weak. My acorn squash is also infested. It seems to be healthy enough to maintain for now. I did have to pick its first fruit. Apparently, they also like to bore into the fruit as well. I am hoping for more squash. I planted the last of the pea seeds where the buttercup and zuccini were.
My tomatoes are doing great. I am trying to use them before they go bad. I am not sure if you can preserve cherry tomatoes. At least it is a healthy snack that we can eat whenever we want.
I did have some luck with the oyster mushrooms, it is working on its second flush now. The shiitake mushrooms produced one mushroom, and then the flies got too bad so I put it in the garden under the tomatoes. Perhaps it will still grow out there. The enokitake have not made any progress. It keeps freezing as my refrigerator is too full. I have a condiment problem. That and i had too much wine and beer in there. I don't drink very often, but I like variety and occasionally use it for cooking. I moved them to a shelf near the a/c unit. Hopefully, the two cans of Guiness will be fine until I can use them.