Charles started back to school today, Alex starts Monday. We have been busy running around getting ready. Last week it was school clothes and school supplies. Yesterday we all got hair cuts, water bottles, and lunch containers. If only we had money left for food to pack. I sort of spent my extra money on art supplies. This time it was watercolors. Alex is also having fun with them too.

I have been wanting to talk about a few things, but sadly I am off again. I have to go to work so that I can make more money.
So far, no one has died this year. This is my third year working on my birthday and each year someone had died. While I didn't have to worry about that, I did have an emotional night. Last week we had a potluck for someone else's birthday and the same people were working on mine. When my mother asked what I wanted for my birthday I asked for a ready made chocolate cake for work. She ordered a large decorated cake for after work. OK, that's fine I will have cake with the kids and bring leftovers tonight. So I had to find something else to bring. I made a fancy salad with fruit and edible flowers. I was the only one to bring anything. I am the one who makes baby hats for the expectant mother's and buys souvenirs for my office mates, but no one thought to follow through. I was disapointed, but tearing up was a bit much. Maybe it was hormones I am turning 41.

This morning on my way home the first thing I noticed was a rainbow back-dropped by a red cloud. Most of the sky was red. I wish I had my camera. I noticed red foliage as well. Is it that late already, my garden is just barely getting started?
A blogger I follow, Chiots Run, has encouraged using the Alphabet in August for blogging. Since "A" is covered I thought I would start with "B." Yesterday, we had a potluck at work for someones birthday. This weekend we may have another for my birthday and then one for Amanda. I am a little cautious, about working on my birthday this year, the past two years when I worked someone died. I don't like people dying on my birthday.

For the potluck I made meringues which people seemed to like and biscotti. I was surprised how many people did not know what biscotti was. I only know of one person who did. Am I the only one obsessed with the stuff? It even maked instant coffee a treat.
I knew some of my garden plants would have limited fruiting in pots. Some are great for decoration, but many have useful leaves. Banana, and lemon are all good for wrapping food before cooking. Grape and nasturtium are good for making an edible wrap. Lemon, guava, orange, blackberry, strawberry, sweet mace, and coffee leaves are good for teas or tisanes. The coffee leaves even have caffeine.

I decided to make some herbal teas. I blended the coffee leaves with dandilion root, and mixed the fruit and berry leaves with dried strawberry bits. Maybe some lemon zest would be nice. I might mix some of the splenda/mint blend from last year with the sweet mace or leave it plain.

I am also making some soup mix using tomatoes from the garden, savory herbs, wild onion, and corn. I may add more dry bits as I go.