I took a few vacation days before they disappeared, it just so happened to correspond with my birthday. I had a lot of personal things to deal with. Stuff to do with housework, Danny's SSI, work paperwork, and back to school for Charles. I also took some time to spend with family, so most of that got done but not all. 

I did find some time to try out a couple small batch baking recipes. There is something special about small batch baking. Smaller mixing bowls make easier clean up, there are no treats going to waste, they are always fresh. They also remind me of the tea parties the kids and I used to have. With little cakes, and little sandwiches. Even the boys enjoyed them.

Yesterday I made a small chocolate cake with a mocha meringue icing. The icing was a little on the sweet side or maybe it was too much icing for the little bit of cake. The kids took me out to eat,  and then we went back to the house for a bite of cake. Matt helped Charles install something on the computer, while everyone crowded around my bedroom. I started to fall asleep before they left. Not that the boys left me to sleep in peace. They took turns sleeping, so there was always someone in my room on the computer. 
Danny bought this book this week. It is a sweet picture book describing characteristics of Aspergers. Not only has Danny been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, but he also loves cats. It is a very positive book that he can identify with.