I heard some news recently about a young kid who made my life hell for awhile. He was recently stabbed while entering someones home to rob them. He will recover, but he likely will go to prison for this. I always claimed things would catch up to him someday and he would end in jail. Partly I feel justified, that he finally will have to take responsibility for his actions. He broke into my apartment, harassed my daughter, and repeatedly caused damage to my apartment. I often noted a violent streak with the boys as well. He pulled a knife when they refused to play a game he wanted to play and if they beat him at a game he would physically pick them up and throw them outside. He and another boy would shoot cars and people with a BB gun or chase them with a 2x4.

There is another part that remembers a young friend who I tried to mentor. Seven years ago this friend was the same age as the other young man. At the age of nineteen he was killed; stabbed over drug money. It was so pointless. He thought he had to be this tough guy. 

It is hard for me to forgive, when I went through so much to get this new tough guy out of my boys' lives. It was not until he and the boys were arrested for playing with fire I was finally able to make that happen. There was a court order to keep them apart for six moths and his mother rewarded him with a car. After that he was someone else's problem. Finally they moved away as well. Still it is another pointless loss of a future.

This time of year my tomatoes have taken over the garden bed and have become unruly. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten very many tomatoes yet. The ones I kept are late producers. I usually try to have roma's or cherry tomatoes to fill in the gap. This year i gave both of my cherry tomatoes away. I do have one cherry tomato that I grew from seed but they take longer as well. All that is left in my garden are the tomatoes and herbs, as well as a couple potato plants to harvest. 

My neighbor has been giving me zucchini and cucumbers so I have been eating a lot of those lately. Hopefully my tomatoes wont come all at once this year. If they do I might have to can some. Last year I froze them and have been adding them to my zucchini and pork roast. I think next year I will try to pinch off the suckers in hopes to get earlier tomatoes. I also want to get tomato cages to support them. Maybe I can grow some fall vegetable too.