Zombies seems to be a popular theme lately. There is a wide range of books and movies to choose from. My children have requested the Zombie Survival Guide for Christmas this year. This theme has also made it into handcrafted Christmas gifts. KCBlueGal on Craftsters has made this. It is a zombie preparedness kit with a break glass in case of zombies, with a toy gun and shells. She has also included a tutorial for others to use.

With all this talk of zombies, my oldest Danny mentioned that it would be interesting to find a book in the perspective of the zombie. My first thought was that it would be very difficult. I started to imagine what a zombie had to offer. I came to the conclusion that it would have to be based on the sences. I imagined pain and confusion, hunger and smells, anger and even perhaps fear for survival.  As I started to work this out in my mind I came to the conclusion that I had to write this even if it is just a short story. As I work on this I will try to post my work in progress here.
I am not dug out yet so I have kept myself busy. It seems, I am close to being finished crafting for Christmas.
We have had our first real snow of the year. Actually it was a blizzard and I am not getting out anytime soon. I sent the boys to the gas station to buy food and hopefully the Utility company wont turn off the power because I can't get down there to pay them. I tried calling,but they are closed due to the snow.

I hired someone to deal with the snow removal, but he can't keep up until it stops blowing and they plow the circle drives.

At least I have another day off and have plenty of crafting to keep me company.

   This is another swap, you swap knitted/crocheted 8" squares. They are then joined to created the coveted blanket that can be seen on Ron's bed at Hogwarts. In the various movies it seems to change slightly, but it is still a collection of knitted squares that are joined quilt style. It consists mainly of darker colors with solids or stripes. Some have stripes that are horizontal and some diagonal with stripes in the top let corner of the square. In the swaps some have been more creative and produced squares with themed images and textures. Here is a sampling of mine.
These scarves are named after the famous fairy tale, as they are made from 10' long strands of fiber that are braided or knotted. I love the variety of texture in these  but prefer to use the same color family in a scarf. Others, as you can see from my fiber cards that I sent out, prefer a variety of colors in their scarves.