This is the time of year when people start reflecting on their lives and make resolutions for the new year. Few of those last the week though. Reflection and the desire to improve ones self is good though. While I wont make any resolutions, I do look forward to some changes the new year will bring.

I look forward to honing my knitting skills, expanding my gardening knowledge, and branching out and trying new things. In less than a week I will be ready to taste my first ginger beer. I am learning new knitting skills every day.

Some other changes at work will be both good and a little concerning. Rhonda will be returning from maternity leave in Feb. and or new hire will be ready soon. Perhaps this means less stressful work hours for myself. Another interesting turn is our supervisor will no longer be working weekends or holidays. I support that as she was promissed that when she took the position, it is compensation for being the oncall staff. She was picking up those hours to be generous and I think she is due. Saddly, part of me worries how that will effect me. 

I will try to expand on that later, I need to get ready for work. 
As usual, I am working through Christmas. I did pick up Danny this morning on my way home and had the kids open their gifts. I was planning to save the gifts for January. We plan to get away and celebrate the holidays then.

I hope to start some ginger beer to be ready for the celebration. I will also make more pumpkin bread. That is our seasonal treat using squash from the freezer.

Alex and I have been busy enjoying my new present. My mom got each of us girls a nook for Christmas. I upgraded to a Nook Color. We both enjoy the books, but it can also double for internet access and I like the magazines for those moments that I just need to pass the time.
After a near melt down from the cold weather on sunday, we finally had heat. The furnace guy predicted the blower will probably go out next. After a few decades things can go wrong.

It is snowing again and I believe my snow guy has retired. At least it will be a white Christmas. I would settle for a mildly white Christmas myself. After spending a couple years in Florida I do appreciate a little dusting.

My family Christmas celebration is this weekend. We will be going to Mom's house. The kids have new clothes. The boys got matching shirts and ties. Charles gray shirt and blue tie, Danny blue shirt and gray tie. The ties are a new zipper tie. You don't untie them, it uses a zipper in the skinny end to loosen and tighten the tie. You can get the idea from this site.

Alex got a gray belted sweater and  gray plaid leggings. The sweater came with this tacky gold tone belt that looks like it should be hanging a ceiling lamp and two gold tone buttons. I really didn't like the gold with the gray so I changed the buttons with some gray buttons and bought a silver link belt that actually looks like it is supposed to be a belt.

I will likely wear a black and gray fair isle sweater. Something simple. When the kids were little I used to have the boys wear sweaters and dress shirts and Alex with a nice dress and cardi. Even in Texas they wore sweater vests. I guess guy I couldn't find anything at Walmart.
I knew my apartment was cold, but due to my weatherproofing, bundling tendancies, and my love of a space heater it took me a month to realise my furnace was not working properly. It was blowing cold air all this time. I tried to light the pilot without luck. Until I get someone out the gas is turned to off. Saturdays low is -2, so I need to get on it.