I don't have a lot of space in my kitchen so my table doubles as a counter. This is where I brew/vint, ferment, sprout, and mix up my bread. Although it is crowded it is especially important to keep things clean. That keeps me busy and may be part of why I am losing weight. 
    After taking the plunge to finally start making my own wine, with the elderberries I had foraged last fall, I was introduced to a no knead bread dough. It is so easy and only takes minutes. Then I decided to start brewing beer. I wanted something faster. While looking for supplies, I came across sprouting seeds. Sprouts are a god way to add something green to your diet while you wait for the garden to get started.  need to start seeds today. 
    When I started the wine I started Preserved Lemons. They should be ready right about now. I will need to make a tagine or stew with them. Yesterday, I started saurkraut. Fermenting is a good way to preserve food when you don't have access to refridgeration. Like my current situation. I have had repairmen out twice to fix my new refridgerator. Now I am waiting for them to agree to replace it. It apparently has some manufacturing issues and cannot  be repaired. 
    Another good way to preseve food is home canning. I finally bought replacement parts for my pressure cooker, so I can preserve more items. I also bought a cereal mill so that  can grind the spent grains from brewing to use in other products. Some ideas are pasta, dog biscuits, cookies, and breads. Now if only the brewing supplies would arrive, I could start that too.

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