Halloween busted my budget this year. Initially we had big plans for a party. I bought supplies started to get excited, then there was a scheduling Hamlet skull which he lost before Halloween. I did find it as I was crawling into bed recently, resting on my pillow. I then had to go shopping again for Danny and my dressmakers dummy. As Charles was waring part of her costume I had to find something else. She became a witch this year burning at the stake. There was a orange flashing light under the sticks. A couple years ago I decided it was more fun to have her wear my costumes. Danny created the graves where the garden use to be.

You can also see the fall bunting I made and the brussel sprouts repotted in th half barrel. I am hoping they make it ok aftr being transplanted. Right when they were just starting to show signs of producing they had to be relocated. I couldn't risk an early snow with the bed in place. It would hamper snow removal. Last year I got the arbor moved just in time. If I had waited another week I would never have gotten the car out from under that mess.
Have fun!
Thank you, to my sister Joyce for doing the hair.