I heard some news recently about a young kid who made my life hell for awhile. He was recently stabbed while entering someones home to rob them. He will recover, but he likely will go to prison for this. I always claimed things would catch up to him someday and he would end in jail. Partly I feel justified, that he finally will have to take responsibility for his actions. He broke into my apartment, harassed my daughter, and repeatedly caused damage to my apartment. I often noted a violent streak with the boys as well. He pulled a knife when they refused to play a game he wanted to play and if they beat him at a game he would physically pick them up and throw them outside. He and another boy would shoot cars and people with a BB gun or chase them with a 2x4.

There is another part that remembers a young friend who I tried to mentor. Seven years ago this friend was the same age as the other young man. At the age of nineteen he was killed; stabbed over drug money. It was so pointless. He thought he had to be this tough guy. 

It is hard for me to forgive, when I went through so much to get this new tough guy out of my boys' lives. It was not until he and the boys were arrested for playing with fire I was finally able to make that happen. There was a court order to keep them apart for six moths and his mother rewarded him with a car. After that he was someone else's problem. Finally they moved away as well. Still it is another pointless loss of a future.

The previous two Fridays there have been disturbing events in the news. July 13 two local girls have gone missing. After thousands of search volunteers and draining the lake they have come to an conclusion. They believe the were abducted, likely by a family member. I hope the girls are returned safe.

This past Friday there was something even more tragic on the news. A man walked into a midnight showing of Dark Knight and opened fire onto the crowded audience. My first thought was, " how did he get in there? Don't they secure the doors so they only open from the inside?" 

Then I started hearing the stories. Four out of the twelve dead died protecting their girl friends. One woman had been a survivor of a previous shooting. Then there were the parents with their children, including a three month old. It is bad enough, the sudden confusion and terror you feel when when something like this happens, but I can't imagine the horror when you realize your loved one is in danger too. The stories of those four boyfriends and the father with the infant who cradled his son in his arms who dove to the floor and crawled to safety drive that home for me. 

If this story was disturbing enough their have been others who have used the story to intimidate others in other showing and another man who was arrested on the way to kill his boss, he claimed to be inspired by the shootings. My heart breaks for the familys and victims. 
This novel by James Wesley Rawles was very thought provoking. It is similar to other apocalypse stories, minus the zombies or plagues. This one is based on the theory that our money is no longer backed by gold, our deficit is way past controlling, and that the collapse of the US dollar is inevitable. Although it isn't just the US that basically crumbles.

As in all apocalypse theories electricity and the internet collapse, there are massive riots and looting. Stockpiling food and weapons is the norm. Although you want to say these things can't happen, it is still disturbing because he uses basic truths to support his theory. Another disturbing factor are all the doubters in the book before things start to fall apart. I don't know about you, but I tend to connect with the characters in the books I read.

There was one thing I had a hard time accepting. Right before the crunch, many people resort to buying gold and silver coins, as well as jewelry, to get out of cash. It becomes the new currency, as do bullets. I have a hard time seeing us go back to using precious metal as mainstream currency. First, I feel that the majority would not have the foresight to stock up on gold coins before things got too far. Although it was not that far into the past that we relied on gold and silver coins. The problem is we have gotten used to "trading" with invisible money. We use our debit cards, our credit cards, and wireless transactions. (hmm, sounds like part of revelations) Before we were to completely crash I could see us going to some sort of socialist society with with electronic credits. There are already complaints that we are too close to a socialist society as it is.

I can however see inflation getting out of hand if it is left unchecked. With the price of fuel rising in the past, which raises food prices, and increases the cost of living. It makes sense to buy local and to grow and preserve some of your own food. This also benefits your health from eating fresh food and vegetables but also the environment as well. I believe in having basic skills. Stocking up on gold and weapons? I am not so sure.