It took so long to dry all the mint, 2 gal. of dry mint, that I put off doing something with the rhubarb that I had brought home from Mom's. Everyday I looked at it in the fridge and promised it, "soon, I will deal with you soon."
Today I came across a post here. Where she made Rhubarb fizz. I already have some wine working and did not want to start another fermentation.
I decided to make a cordial syrup instead. I can use it with water, carbonated water, or mixed drinks. I decided to make a tart with the leftover pulp. Normally I candy the pieces, but the skinny stalks seemed to reduce to pulp. Mmm, pie.

This is your new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar.I have had a few problems with pests in my garden. The kale and brussel sprouts were attacked by white cabage moths. I have a solitary brussel sprout plant trying to survive with leaves laced with holes. I seems to be over the attack. I had pulled all the kale that was near it, along with a fat green catapillar. I decided to plant more peas there as the few I had planted were crowded out by the tomatoes.
Then I discovered my squash was infested by vine boring moth.  I was unfortunate to not recognise it early enough. My buttercup was the first to succumb, before it could bear any fruit. Today I had to pull up my zuccini. At least I was fortunate to gain a handful of zuccini, before it was too weak. My acorn squash is also infested. It seems to be healthy enough to maintain for now. I did have to pick its first fruit. Apparently, they also like to bore into the fruit as well. I am hoping for more squash. I planted the last of the pea seeds where the buttercup and zuccini were.
My tomatoes are doing great. I am trying to use them before they go bad. I am not sure if you can preserve cherry tomatoes. At least it is a healthy snack that we can eat whenever we want.
I did have some luck with the oyster mushrooms, it is working on its second flush now. The shiitake mushrooms produced one mushroom, and then the flies got too bad so I put it in the garden under the tomatoes. Perhaps it will still grow out there. The enokitake have not made any progress. It keeps freezing as my refrigerator is too full. I have a condiment problem. That and i had too much wine and beer in there. I don't drink very often, but I like variety and occasionally use it for cooking. I moved them to a shelf near the a/c unit. Hopefully, the two cans of Guiness will be fine until I can use them.
The garden is continuing to grow. What lettuce that did not rot from the rain bolted, the kale and brussel sprouts are ravaged from cabbage moth catterpillars, but still it continues to grow. I have found that if I want my squash to be pollinated then I have to do it myself. I have managed a few zuccini, a couple watermelon, and a single acorn squash so far. The winter squash has been stingy with the female blossoms so far. I have collected some of the male flowers to make soup with.

I decided to grow mushrooms indoors to add to my urban garden. I bought shiitake, oyster, and enokitake mushroom kits. So far the oyster mushrooms are growing splendidly. It is amazing how fast they grow. We have used a few in stirfry. Alex has discovered that she  is very fond of stirfry and Charles has agreed that the mushrooms are passible. He really is not a mushroom person.

Today while looking for a planter to move my strawbrries to I found pottable citrus trees. I purchased a meyer lemon and a washington navel orange. They are mere seedlings and will likely take a few years to mature. However, I have always wanted fruit trees. The challenge is where to put them in the winter, as well as my palms that need to be wintered indoors. I plan to reorganize the front room. I will move the monster of a desk in front of the window so the plants can sit up there. I have costume junk piled on it now. We will have to pull everything out, sort, organize, and weed out a few things. I already had planned to do this as I want to get rid of my storage unit. It will be a bit of a challeng though.

As a bonus, I found a half barrel for 22.50 regularly around 50.00, while looking for my strawberry planter. I was planning to get one next year for my squash and melon bed. That will leave much more space in my 4x4 bed. I also bought a fountain pump for my mini potted pond. Sometimes I just can't help myself.
I am still working on the cork board. As I find corks hiding here and there I add them to my board. At one time we had enough for three boards.

I finally made my tree hugger bag. I received a hand towel that was made from recycled materials and had a green slogan on it. I knew it was destined to become a pillow or a tote bag. I do love my tote bags. I  had a tree sampler from a few years ago that I thought would be nice on a journal or bag, so I combined them along with a costume skirt to make my bag.

I received an extra hammock frame so I thought I would do a little destashing and make a hammock to go with it. Unfortuately, the fabric was in storage. I did find an old curtain while searching for the rope. The rope was from an old foot stool. I combined them to make a recycled hammock.
Spring is here and we have just started getting a taste for those special treats that come only once a year. Yesterday Becky, the kids, and I gathered wild asperagus. It made a nice treat and I looked to see if I could find just a few more spears today. Charles and I had no luck and the farmer's markets are not open yet, so I was looking for another option. I decided to make a cattail and violet salad. The young shoots that come up in the spring are the best. We gathered some shoots, cleaned and pealed them, and the chopped the tender ends to be added to our salad. I finished the salad with a raspberry vinegar and sugar dressing. 

Some other ideas are morels, nettles, and dandilions. Wulf shares his nettle and bacon quiche on craftser.org.
And julibooli shared her dandilion wine.