The previous two Fridays there have been disturbing events in the news. July 13 two local girls have gone missing. After thousands of search volunteers and draining the lake they have come to an conclusion. They believe the were abducted, likely by a family member. I hope the girls are returned safe.

This past Friday there was something even more tragic on the news. A man walked into a midnight showing of Dark Knight and opened fire onto the crowded audience. My first thought was, " how did he get in there? Don't they secure the doors so they only open from the inside?" 

Then I started hearing the stories. Four out of the twelve dead died protecting their girl friends. One woman had been a survivor of a previous shooting. Then there were the parents with their children, including a three month old. It is bad enough, the sudden confusion and terror you feel when when something like this happens, but I can't imagine the horror when you realize your loved one is in danger too. The stories of those four boyfriends and the father with the infant who cradled his son in his arms who dove to the floor and crawled to safety drive that home for me. 

If this story was disturbing enough their have been others who have used the story to intimidate others in other showing and another man who was arrested on the way to kill his boss, he claimed to be inspired by the shootings. My heart breaks for the familys and victims. 

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