Work has been very busy lately and the house could use a little help. Unfortunately, this weekend has been very busy. Two nights were set aside for the play, I finally woke up for church, and I got sidetracked at my sisters when I went to pick up my son. She has wanted to start scrapbooking and as my mother was there as well she pulled everything out. I think she was asking for advise, but soon we had taken over. She is new to crafting and doesn't have alot of confidence, but I hope we got her started. Of course she sent it with mom saying that she wasn't going to work on it alone. We did get a few cute pages done for one of the albums, she want four done.

Mom and I had a little incident during this. We went to her house to pick up some more supplies. I had parked behind her, we were both distracted and she didn't see my car, and obviously I forgot it was there or I would have moved it before hopping into her truck. Good news her truck is perfectly fine. Bad news is my car may be totaled. Oh, well she bought me the car she can take it away. I think she is stressed about it. If the hood was functionable, I would just forget about it. Sad thing is , if I had been driving, I would have hit it too.

During my down time at work and while waiting for estimates I finished a couple more christmas gifts. I would post pictures, but I don't want anyone to see them yet. I will probably post them on a couple craft sites though.

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