As of last week we are in severe drought conditions, as shown here. Luckily I have a small garden and am able to water frequently. Still some of my plants have suffered. Mainly the daylily, the popcorn, and the drought sensitive fushia. The fushia was so pretty when I first bought it. Now it looks almost dead. I think I am going to try perking it up by setting the pot in a tub of water then transplanting in the side bed near the bleeding hearts.

The farmers have fared worse then me, however. They are not able to water on such a large scale. My favorite sweet corn seller has not been out this year and only time will tell how the seed and grain corn shortage will effect us. We did have rain sunday night, but it was too late for much of the corn production. The US has approved relief for corn growers and the price of corn has gone up. 

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