Earth Day was April 22. I tried to think about how I could celebrate it. I decided to make the suggested craft on They had showcased a wine cork board. I have been wanting to make one for ages, more as an art piece than anything. My son collects them and would not let me. So, I had given him a gallon jar to display them. Unfortunately, they broke the jar and scattered the corks to the four corners of our universe. That put them in fair game, I proceded to Goodwill for a frame to glue them into. While I was there I found a simple summer top and ink pens with the kids names. 

 We also made a quiche using the eggs from my sister's chickens, cheese from a local dairy, either spring or organic vegetables, and of course some bacon. I washed it down with some wine from a local winery.

Although, I often fail when it comes to living green I do try to add simple eco-friendly products and activities when possible.

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