I have been crocheting more lately. I have found eco fibers that are sustainable but not exactly frugal. They are lovely and nice though. I do love my natural fibers. I bought some wool, bamboo, and bamboo/silk blends.  I more recently found a recycled yarn that is made from soda bottles and is frugal as well. They are acrylic so they don't have the lovely hand, but will make a nice afgan. I am also working on spinning my own wool. Some from purchases roving and some from wool from my sisters sheep. She just throws it away. It does require more work though.

I made a couple market bags from the bamnboo blends and plan a couple more. They are great for the farmers market and the beach. I think they are very pretty.

I made a wool scarf to match my favorite fall jacket. I knitted a sample to test for felting. I decided I liked the scarf better without felting, but I didn't want to waste the sample. I took the extra bits from the bags an crocheted simple designs. I then put everything together to make a whimsical coffee cozy. It works for a take out coffee as well as a mug. It works to keep in the heat and put a smile om my face.


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