The summer started with chaos. Right before Danny's graduation we lost a coworker to health issues. I worked extra hours all through the summer, traded in my vacation, and was stretched thin. With Danny out of the house I have to make more of an effort to see him. The kids have run wild, the house is out of control, my garden was neglected, and I am exhasted.

We are still struggling with staffing. We had hoped to be fully staffed by now. It seems the struggle will continue into the fall. I'm also a little irked that the person who insisted on keeping her vacation, no actually two vacations during the summer, is getting another vacation. Of course it was gained by cohersion. Her boyfriend went to the director to complain and it is easier to just give in. Granted, my coworker did not approve of this tactic. Still, she excuses his controling behavior as he is half Italian, almost as if it is romantic. Fact is he behave badly, there is no excuse for that. I dated a gentleman from Italy, very briefly. He was not controling or stubborn, he was very kind and sweet. I still have the clay frog he gave me with a bouquet of flowers. The reason I stopped dating him was because he like clubs and dancing and I have more quiet tastes. It is rather offensive to suggest that it is okay to be rude and ill mannered if you are Italian.

Granted, he was planning this getaway to propose to her. Do you need ten days to propose? Do you need to start out your lives together by throwing a tantrum and making everyone elses live uncomfortable? My supervisor will be working eleven days straight. Luckily, I will have a couple days off during that time. We have a couple prn's with other jobs that will be helping out, what little they can. Otherwise all three of us would be working eleven days straight.

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