This past weekend the kids and I went to my mom's to make Valentine cupcakes. We made 12 doz mini cupcakes and I think it was a little too much for me. My nephew was there to help out which is good because he was the only kids to not bail on me by the end.

It is also income tax return time and almost prom time. It seems like money is just flying out the window. Alex and I finally settled on a fairly inexpensive dress. The first one was 4x the price. This left money for accessories, which should be spelled excessories. We did manage to keep them simple; earrings, shoes, hair clip. We also got her hair cut, it was growing out rather odd. We also bought a new pair of glasses, plus a spare. She was wearing an old prescription as she broke her other ones. This way she has a spare or a different look if she needs it.

We all needed a few new clothes, including new scrubs for me. Then I had this random urge. I bought a violin. I haven't touched one since the 4th grade when I quit because "it hurt my arm." There are several things in life that I bailed on a wondered "what if." I can't go back to the army or past relationships and play them out now. I can pick up a violin. maybe it will be nothing more than a way to spend some time and maybe it will be something I enjoy.

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