This is the time of year when people start reflecting on their lives and make resolutions for the new year. Few of those last the week though. Reflection and the desire to improve ones self is good though. While I wont make any resolutions, I do look forward to some changes the new year will bring.

I look forward to honing my knitting skills, expanding my gardening knowledge, and branching out and trying new things. In less than a week I will be ready to taste my first ginger beer. I am learning new knitting skills every day.

Some other changes at work will be both good and a little concerning. Rhonda will be returning from maternity leave in Feb. and or new hire will be ready soon. Perhaps this means less stressful work hours for myself. Another interesting turn is our supervisor will no longer be working weekends or holidays. I support that as she was promissed that when she took the position, it is compensation for being the oncall staff. She was picking up those hours to be generous and I think she is due. Saddly, part of me worries how that will effect me. 

I will try to expand on that later, I need to get ready for work. 

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