I have been pushing Alex to be more responsible for herself. Actually, I have been stressing the notion of driving her back and forth to college making appts for her and still carrying the full financial burden of everything. I guess I have felt overwhelmed.

On the otherhand I still want her to be my sweet baby girl. I want the maturity there but not the mistakes and time it takes to get there. 

Yesterday Alex registered for classes.  Yea, big grown up event. While they spirited the kids away for scheduling, up parents were given a talk about not being helicopter parents. I never hovered in high school, but I really wanted to be there to make sure it didn't conflict with my schedule. There was no way around it. She has to go five days a week. I really was not looking to driving her back and forth each day. First, that is normally when I am sleeping. second, that is alot of gas money.

I then had a little brainstorm and decided that she was going to take her learners permit test again. After all I was up during business hours and we were in the area. She wasn't so sure, she hadn't studied in awhile. I insisted we give it a try. She passed!

Now, I never thought I would be one of those white knuckled, pannicked parents you see on TV. The problem was that I had taught myself to drive. I didn't know what it was like to receive instruction and I did not know how to give it. Thankfully, we did not die. I'm pretty sure it was a close call though. I made my sister give her a few instructions. The sister who pannicks when ever someone else is driving. They both did very well. Next I will get the other sister to take her out and maybe my mother as well. I will continue to try myself, but hopefully they wil give her a foundation to start. I don't want her to start the trial and error way that I learned from.

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