Halloween was a harried night. Miss A had play practice until five,  pumpkins  needed  carved, costume pieces were missing and everyone needed to be ready by six. Miss A went without the lace partlet and collar to her steampunk  costume. We couldn't find the viking hat for Mister C, and Mister D had lost his costume from last year which he insisted on replaying. We ended up with a couple capes and brown face paint, "not make-up", for his werewolf look.  My niece Miss M decided not to wear the costume I had helped her with, but you can see from the smile on her face as she posed center stage of the group photo, that she was happy and comfortable with what she wore. She got her black and she got her glitz and didn't need a title to her costume. My nephew RJ wore the red and gold night costume and I think he looked great.
Other characters Big R was superman, Little R was elmo, Miss K was Dorothy, the rest were family friends.

Little R had worked up a thirst with all that tricker treating. He had apparently been telling every house, "I tirsty." Lucky for him I was giving out drinks and snacks. He wouldn't even take the candy he only has eyes for the drink.

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