We had a nice dinner over at Matt and Alex's. I did the cooking and Matt did the cleaning. It was very pleasant and tasty. I picked up a local ham, plus we had a deep fried turkey breast from Sam's club. Both were simple to prepare. We had roasted brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, and acorn squash soup. We almost forgot the stuffing, luckily they had boxed.  Alex helped with the potatoes and I showed her how to make the apple tart for desert.  I felt bad about the dishes, but Alex said he enjoyed having us over.

Thanksgiving is over and thousands of people are out getting bargains. My family included. Alex is helping hold line for Joyce and Grandma. I don't do the whole midnight thing. I don't let sales tell me what I need. I buy what I need when I can afford it. I left the boys to keep Matt company while I dropped off Alex and took some food home. After a big family day, it is strange being alone. I almost feel like I am waiting for Alex to come home as well, but she doesn't live here.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving and find the bargains you are hoping

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