One of my bottles of ginger beer was starting to create pressure in the bottle so we decided to sample it. Ideally I think I would have waited another day. It had a subtle tingle of carbonation on my tongue, but no visible bubbles. It was sweet and spicy with a trace of alcohol flavor. The kids all agreed that it is something we would drink and possibly make again.

It was fairly simple to make, the draw backs are it takes a few days and it is best nt to forget about it. For the first week it is like a pet, you feed it in the morning and put it to bed at night. Washing bottles was my down fall. I ended up using bottled water to dilute then filled the same clean bottles with mixture. I did have to wash six additional bottles.

My sister was turned off by the "plant" partly by my non traditional container, which I had grabbed because it was clean and had a lid. Sorry, Bec.

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