At work we have been short staffed on and off since May. One coworker retired suddenly. Then another had to cut back her hours. I cashed in my vacation time and tried to be a supportive team member and do what needed to be done. We hired some part time help just before she took a leave of absence. I wished her well and did what needed to be done. We hired more help and just as the schedule relaxed that person did not work out leaving more holes that need to be filled. Just shy of our full time team member returning. Tonight, I practically begged every qualified person to consider filling in a few of those holes. Some days I feel it is always me that covers. Not that I complain about the money, it comes in handy. I feel that my attitude suffers. Especially when not everyone makes the same sacrifices and they don't even realise it. Will life return to normal in a few weeks or are we going to have another set back?

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