My mother had minor surgery to remove some skin cancer recently. During the presurgery exam they noted something on her EKG something  like PVC's I think. I wasn't there fr that but both Joyce and I sat with her while she waited 3hrs for the Dr. and afterwards Becky met us and we took mom home with takeout. The side line is she has to see a cardiologist now and also was told she has fibrous nodules on her thyroid that needs to be checked for cancer. I try to follow my own advice and not worry too much until you know for sure. Of course both her parents died of cancer so that doesn't help much.

Also this week I am working hard to declutter and clean the house. I even signed us up for which makes it into a game. The kids are still resistant. So far I am winning this month.

They have helped with my baking though. We made lemon meringue pie this week, yum. But Alex only liked the meringue topping. So I promised to make meringues. While looking for a recipe I found meringue mushrooms which are very cute and realistic. someone at work thought I was eating mushrooms. They are addicting though. I like the wafer like crispness and they melt in your mouth.


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