Last night we went to Becky's house. I wanted to drop off some casle blocks off for Ruben.  We stayed to visit for a little while and Becky dropped a little bomb on me. She will be getting married this weekend and not only is she not inviting everyone, but it is sort of a secret. I am not exactly happy about this. I sort of understand, it is her wedding and she can have it any way she likes. I am hurt that what she wants is to purposely exclude people that care about her.

We also went for a walk in the back yard to hunt for morels. Ruben was very good at finding them. I have a decent sized snack waiting to be breaded and fried.

Today, I found more mushrooms. This time enoki from the kit I had planted in my garden. I was trying to compost it. I am waiting for a spore print to possitively identify it. It was growing from the kit though.

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