What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than to spend it with family at Backbone State Park. Backbone is a family favorite. My grandfather worked there during FDR's Reforrestation Relief Act. Civilian Concervation Corps employed 250,000 young men between the ages of 18-25. These men worked at reforrestation, road construction, and developing national parks. The CCC Museum is a must see.

Aside from the history both familial and national, Backbone is a truley beautiful place. My grandparents used to take us camping there when I was young. I remember fishing with Grandpa and Grandma frying up the best fish I had ever tried. They had an onsite fish hatchery at the time, that was relocated nearby. When we have time we like to visit and feed the fish. The cold fresh springs run through the park. The kids always love to splash around, wether you want them to or not. The cliffs, caves, and paths are also fun to explore. Although in some areas you need to take caution.

Backbone has been a place where memories to be made and it continues to be. Just ask my sisters about the night the raccoons invade one of our tents, or my mother about the climber that fell and needed first aid, or my son about his impromptu graduation party.

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