Last year I did a search on Urban Homesteads. I wanted to start growing more of my own food. I had half of a 20x26' drive to work with and I started with a 4x4' raised bed and a few pots. This year I am adding to that. I have ordered seeds, a few more patio trees, and am dreaming of spring. Even as it is snowing outside.

There has been alot of discussion about the Dervaes trademarking the term urban homestead. I have tried to keep an open mind. I went directly to the Dervaes website that I read on occasion. I then waited for their press release. It seems that yes it is true that they have trademarked several varieties of the phase "urban homestead." Even more shocking is that expect to have those words only to describe themselves.

This phrase was not created by the Dervaes nor was it reintroduced into common usage by them. This phase was in use in the 70's to describe taking back those concrete jungles and growing live food. Something all Urban Homesteaders are passionate about. It has since been used to encompass suburbanites who choose to replace their lawns with vegetable gardens.
Although, the Dervaes are well known urban homesteaders, and they have been at it for years, they are not the only successful ones. Perhaps they are the best at promoting themselves. Which is great when it doesn't take away from others hard work.  Suck as the authors of "Urban Homesteading." They now have to fight to promote sales for their book. No, this book was not written after the trademarking. It was first published in 2008. ( I have read it and it is a good book)

The purpose of this control, is so that search engines always go to the Dervaes when someone wants to find more information on this movement. "Urban homestead" was the first phrase I googled. This then limits the available information, because it then all comes from one source.

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