It feels like the growing season is over. The peas seem to wilt before they can do much. They give one pea per plant the shrivel up. I almost pulled up my acorn squash and I am glad I waited. I have one squash and another hinting that it might make a go of it. My watermelon produced two fruits. The first never grew any larger than a grapefruit, but was showing all the signs that it was ripening. The other one is larger, not by alot, but it looks like it needs more time on the vine. Sounds good to me. Perhaps it will grow more. I cut the small one in two, tasted a tiny sliver and gave the halves to my kids. Charles ate his right away and agreed that it was tasty. Alex saved her's for lunch, natures fruit cup. As the last planned packed lunch of the year it was rather special. They did enjoy packing fresh produce in their lunches. Charles want to take one of my bell pepper tommorrow along with a hot lunch. I think he wants to trade it though. I have a couple hot peppers and some small bell peppers that I plan to make into salsa. As soon as I have enough ripe tomatoes. I think I will use the grill to char the skins. It needs one more go before the season is over.

I could not have said it greater myself! I believe we need to locate an additional strategy to detoure the humans without devestating the nature and wildlife right here. Thanks for sharing.


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