I'm spending the day darning socks and listening to Jason Mras on youtube. You just cast help singing to "I'm Yours." He has some other good songs out there. "Halfway Home" is mellow and dreamy.

Normally, I just toss the holey socks and buy more. I am trying to get back to the seamstress roots and join the new/old trend to reuse, remake, recycle. The darning paddle someone gave me helps, but a plastic easter egg can also be used. The form help keep the sock from puckering. You don't want to pull the hole closed, you want to fill the hole with a network of thread weaving in and out. I like to use up all my odd colored threads, although if you match your threads it is less noticeable.

I think I will go eat my lunch of easy beef stroganoff. I had a few leftover meatballs and onion dip than I combined with some homemade noodles.

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