I have been busy in the garden again. I picked a bunch of green tomatoes. Some became green tomato chutney and some fried green tomatoes. I have a bunch in my windowsill that are ripening and a quart of cherry tomatoes in the fridge. Charles wants to make katsup, I want to eat them. I pruned back the spent vines and pulled the acorn squash. I am baking the acorn squash with some of the carnival squash. I am thinking about making pumpkin bread to go with tomorrows dinner. I may bake the buttercup to go as a substitute for sweet potatoes. We will have plenty of seeds for snacking as well.

The brussel sprouts are getting tiny buds on them. That is the only thing stopping me from ripping up the garden and getting ready for winter. If I can just keep the kale and swiss chard growing until it is safe to harvest the leaves of the sprouts and I will have greens with Thanksgiving.

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