Time is running out in the Fowler home. In just over two weeks Danny will be graduating from high school and moving out. I have mixed feelings about this. I worry about him, but I know that keeping him here dependant on me is not good for him. He will have supervision and guidance. I have a feeling it may stretch me a little thin; running a house and then making sure he has everything he needs. There are days when one more thing gets broken and I throw my hands in the air and say, "it wont be long." They say that girls are difficult. My boys have never been easy, but they have been fun to have around. Most of the time.
I just realised that the bottom bunk was broken and yes that was one of those days. Now I am short a bed. I can't send Danny off without a bed, so he will have the good bed, at least until something is worked out. Charles says that he will take the hammock and seems excited about that. In some places, people really do use them as beds so it isn't that odd. It just makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. Of course the first few weeks of his life he slept in a stroller.

I have made mistakes with them. Most would say that I am not consistent with disapline, which is true.Also, I know I yell sometimes when I shouldn't. I do love them all and want to see them succeed in life. Sometimes as a parent you are not sure that you are making the right descissions.

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