Simple Living blog listed all the things they have accomplished this past year. It helped bring focus on the big picture, rather then on the many things that need to be done. I too am often overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done. Sometimes i just want to hand over the responsibility for all these things to someone else.

Some of my accomplishments for 2010...
1. I had my first successful garden this year. I learned alot, started a journal, and had some food for preserving.
2. I learned how to preserve some produce. I dried homegrown mushrooms, herbs, chilis, and mint tea. I froze many bags of sliced zucchini and baked squash. I also have a gallon each of ripe and green tomatoes in the freezer. I started small with canning and put up a few jars of green tomato chutney.
3. I learned how to make zucchini and pumpkin bread. I also made a sweet potato alternative with baked squash. We also made homemade mushroom ravioli. I found day lily buds really do taste like green beans and cattail shoots are great in a salad.
4. I taught myself how to knit, tunisian crochet, hair pin lace, and macrame. I learned how to make buntings and elf hats.
5. I fixed the front door knob, the kitchen sprayer, holes in walls, bought rear tired and rear brakes, and general car maintenance. I even made great strides in decluttering. I have manged to keep us fed, clothed, and sheltered with a little fun sprinkled in.

My goals are to...
 1.set a budget, cut back on spending, pay off debts, and start saving.
2. get the house organized and get rid of storage unit.
3. front tires, brakes, and bearings
4. set up an etsy shop
5. start cooking more
6. screens and weatherproofing, get maintenance to fix bathroom sink
7. get in chore routine
8. set up dr. appts/ insurance for kids
9. keep plants alive and start garden in spring
10. learn new crafts and recipes

I know I will have to break those into managable bits to accomplish them. The first two will be the most challenging and time consuming. They are also the most important and tend to overshadow everything else. I have to remember to take time for the others as well.

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