All around you hear about trees changing colors and the weather cooling. I am seeing some of that hee as well. The most prominant signs for us are Homecoming and the fall play. Try outs are monday and Seniors are already planning decorations for Homecoming. Alex has a dark red dress hat can double for christmas. Both Charles and Alex are planning to participate in the play, either with sets or acting.

With all these signs of fall, it is surprising to see my garden not only still bearing but preparing for a second crop. My strawberries are producing, my kale and brussel sprouts were ravaged by cabbage moth. All that remained were one plant of each with a few chewed leaves. Amazingly both are making a comeback. I doubt that I will get any brussel sprouts, the plant was too sressed. I may end up with some fall greens after all though. At least they will be able to survive any frosts we may have next month.

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