I picked some vegetables saturday. As I had a bunch of tiny potatoes and a few small carrots and onions I made a vegetable soup at Becky's. Ruben loved it, he is really getting into trying things from the garden. Ramon started to help make the soup , but missed out on tasting it as he was busy playing video games. 

I decided to try something different with the beets. I made a cold borscht soup. The reviews were not so great. I still have a mess of greens that I plan to saute with onions. 

I still have three potato plants, beets, herbs, onions, and the tomatoes are just getting started. I also have a cucumber plant, but am not sure if it will produce. I added the seeds after pulling what turned out to be false strawberry. 

Previously, I have gotten a handful of strawberries from my hanging plants ,but none from the herb barrel. The radishes did well and the carrots moderately well. Next year plant more, I ended up sharing more than I had planned. 

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